Sustainable Food Awards

Sustainable Ingredient Award

This award is given to an ingredient that makes a sustainable difference in terms of environmental and / or social impact. The ingredient could have a lower environmental impact in terms of production process, sustainable source, or synthesis. The social impact can be in the form of ethical partnerships, social premium, etc. The ingredient should have been introduced in the last 3 years and have applications in food / beverage products.

The finalists of the Sustainable Ingredient Award (listed in alphabetical order) are:

> Barry Callebaut WholeFruit Chocolate Evocao (Switzerland)

> Blue Sky Botanics Organic and FairWild Certified Baobab Fruit Purée (UK)

> Concepta Ingredients Organic Plant Based Butter (Brazil)

> Fooditive Sweetener Keto-Fructose (The Netherlands)

> InnovoPro CP-PRO70® (Israel)

> Koa Pure (Switzerland)

> Upwards Farms Hybrid Striped Bass (USA)


The winner was announced at the Sustainable Food Awards reception on the evening of 7th July. Click here


Organised by:

Ecovia Intelligence


Thursday 7th July 2022



Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam


Five Categories:

New Sustainable Product

Sustainable Ingredient

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability Pioneer

Sustainability Leadership

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